Comic corner

So in the world of digital, comics have reached a new level of accessibility. This allows independent creators with stories to tell to more easily find an audience. The question then becomes “How do I know what stories are for me? Do I read them all, do I pick randomly?” Well, allow the Nerd Herd to navigate this are with you. We have recently partnered up with Nanits Universe to read through their ever growing library of Indy comics to tell you about them and which ones we enjoy.

Now about Nanits Universe App, it can be found in all play stores and downloaded for free. Now they have a selection of comic for free that you can read right out the gate. The Nanits app has custom soundtracks for each comic to match the mood of what you are reading, they have a sense of depth where the conversation boxes will adjust as you move about the page, and they have made each comic into a single scrolling issue over a page by page environment. Each of these features brings a unique level of pros and cons to the table depending on what comic we are analyzing.

If you have questions about the software feel free to ask them in the comments. For now however, enough though of the about of the software, lets jump into a comic shall we?